Magnificent Frigatebird
Islamorada FOS field trip
Doug Wassmer
October 5, 2002

[This is a copy of welcome message and policy statement up to date sent or amended.]

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A copy of the photo policy: http://www.lists.ufl.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0209&L=floridabirds-l&P=R6337

As listowner of FLORIDABIRDS-L, I have been notified of your subscription. (Notice of subscription which is sent to me is inserted in this area.) This message contains information that should be kept with your permanent records for your guidance in maintaining your account and posting to the list. Please note it carefully.

I started FLORIDABIRDS-L July 13, 2000, for discussing, locating, and identifying FLORIDA birds. It is made possible through the Listserv facilities of the University of Florida. On January 13, 2001, after only six months, it had grown to 367 subscribers, a large number for a new state list and now, on January 9, 2003, numbers 698.


This is the current official statement . It includes some things that the earlier subscribers don't have in their statements, although they have been stated through ADMIN posts. For the website of FLORIDABIRDS-L, see: [substitution] WELCOME. Archives are available for reading and searching at: http://www.lists.ufl.edu/archives/floridabirds-l.html . To get a basic understanding of how to search the archives by command sent by email (instead of by the web interface which I intend to explain soon), you should send an email command to LISTSERV@LISTS.UFL.EDU -- the command is: GETPOST FLORIDABIRDS-L 421-422

Since you have subscribed after the LIST OF RARE BIRDS TO REPORT TO THIS LIST was last revised (01-09-03), please retrieve a copy of the list from the archives by sending this command: GETPOST FLORIDABIRDS-L 7981 to:LISTSERV@LISTS.UFL.EDU (in each case, be sure that the address and message (command) are written exactly in this way, including spaces). Both files will be e-mailed to you by Listserv. I urge you to do this and print out the Rare Bird List in form to put with your field trip materials. Then when you meet face to face with a rare bird, you will know who this bird is.

In reporting these special birds to FLORIDABIRDS-L you should add RARE BIRD ALERT (NAME OF BIRD) on the subject line. All the birds listed have been seen and verified in Florida. To be actually accepted for the list, the sightings must be officially accepted by the Records Committee of the Florida Ornithological Society according to the criteria set up by the committee, with pictures, and other requirements. Many people may have actually seen unlisted rare birds, but the committee has to have the data it requires before certifying them.

You are invited also to report any other birds you wish, or ask any questions, RFIs (requests for Information), etc., which you may wish. This is a birding list to which all wild birds have admittance. Remember, this mailing list is created for the discussion, identification and locating of Florida birds.

Please add a signature to each post that includes your full name and your location, preferably where you get your mail.

If at some later date. you desire not to get posts from FLORIDABIRDS-L, such as leaving for vacation or seasonal change of location, you do not have to unsubscribe, but can "go nomail". This is done with only three words sent to LISTSERV@LISTS.UFL.EDU - - - They are:

SET FLORIDABIRDS-L NOMAIL Then when you return, send a similar message to LISTSERV which says: SET FLORIDABIRDS-L MAIL - - - then your mail will start again. To do this, you would have to have the same e-mail address when you get back that you had when you left. If you cannot stay on the list for any reason, you may unsubscribe by sending the following command to LISTSERV: unsubscribe FLORIDABIRDS-L

Important points to govern your participation in this list are:

1. This list is created, very simply, for the birds. The very elementary things, such as where the birds are, finding the birds and discussing birds, their behavior (so many things we don't know with all of many books and journals, cd's and hopefully databases where we can search for ourselves the answer to many questions). In the year 2000, not long after this list began, we had a hurricane. The name of the hurricane, Gordon, was used on posts as a code word, and there will be many people who will want to go back and see what birds were affected, this being a very small thing as compared to what can be done with digitizing the official records of the State of Florida.

It should be understood that birds, birds, and birds is the reason for this list and not humans and the problems they cause nor what should be done about it. We have all levels of birders, and something should be here for all of you.

2. Partisan politics are not allowed on this list. We exist under the umbrella of the University of Florida, an I.R.C. Section 503(c)(3) entity, and are under the same rules required of UFL as a tax-exempt entity. I am proud to say that we went through the election of 2000 without a bobble (except the week I was away!). Partisan politics include any attempt to influence legislation or solicitation for that activity, all of which is strictly forbidden.

3. For the same reason, commercial advertising is not allowed.

4. Environmental posts are not accepted except to announce a news item only, not for discussion of the pros and cons [ADDENDUM 02/01/02: For further information, see my message to FLORIDABIRDS-L which can be found by clicking on the following URL:

http://www.lists.ufl.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0202&L=floridabirds-l&P=R191 ]

5. Off-topic subjects are unacceptable and should be avoided. Florida is a big state with lots of wonderful birds and this list is limited to them. Notices pertaining to educational bird quizzes are allowed.

6. Off-topic items include domesticated and pet birds, cats, both feral and domesticated, bird feeding, hunting and hunters, notices of employment, and solicitations of any kind other than requests for information (RFI's) about Florida birds unless cleared first with the listowner. An exception is that Florida Ornithological Society, and its officers, who may post such notices and information as it officially deems necessary, and requests for such information as it may need. Trip reports from whatever source are welcomed but should be posted by the person who has made the trip. On request, I can add anyone to our subscription list one who wishes to send a Florida trip report. Sometimes a forwarder, rather than the original trip reporter, incorrectly edits the message, thereby distorting the report. For the same reason, I do not forward trip reports or other messages for nonsubscribers.

7. You may post to both this list and to *your* area list, if any. Further crossposting is discouraged. If you think the record of the bird(s) you are reporting should be preserved historically, be sure to report it (them) to FLORIDABIRDS-L so that the records may be found, if needed, in the archives in the future. FLORIDABIRDS-L is the only bird mailing list available in Florida that has searchable archives and keeps records for a long period of time. In contrast, the messages on listbot lists, which comprise all of the other lists in Florida to my knowledge, are kept only one year unless the traffic is very low.

8. Reports of *rare* birds are encouraged to be reported on this list and any other Florida local mailing list or lists as you may wish.

9. When you post, please give the proper names of birds (in at least the first reference in your posts) for ease of finding your information in the archives of FLORIDABIRDS-L. The same is true of locations, i.e., please refer to St.Marks NWR in your first reference and afterwards as SMNWR if you wish. The archives need a consistent pattern of names, such a

10. Use "plain text" only, no HTML.

11. Posts are limited to 200 lines each to help prevent viruses. If your post is longer than that, divide it into segments of not more than 200 lines and indicate the Part number and the subject on the subject line.

12. Local birding club postings should be limited to one festival announcement which is of statewide interest. In this connection, it is suggested that clubs set up a private local list for their transmission of club business.

13. Please use savings practices in the use of bandwidth and archive space by including only as much of any post you may be answering as may be needed to identify the post. The original post will be available in the archives and need not be repeated over and over. "Me, too" posts are not necessary and definitely should not be used. Other such expressions, i.e., '"Attaboy," merely serve to waste time even for those who would delete them only.

14. If you have any questions about interpretation of this message, write me at one of the addresses below, bearing in mind that, although I have two commercial ISP's, either or both of them may be unavailable for a reasonable time. I try to respond quickly but it is not always possible since you all know that an internet connection must be made to receive any email, even from you. In an urgent situation, messages should be sent simultaneously to both email addresses.

15. All problems regarding the list and this document, including comments and suggestions, should be sent to the listowner, and not to the list.

16. Subscribers who do not adhere to the policies above are subject to having their accounts changed to the REVIEW or NOPOST mode. No notification of this change is made. In REVIEW mode, posts are sent directly to the listowner who may then approve them for distribution to the list or not approve them. If the submitted post is not within the policies as set above, and if I have time, I will return the post with a rejection notice. NOPOST means that the subscriber does not have posting privileges but in both cases will continue to receive mail from FLORIDABIRDS-L.

17. The policies set out herein are subject to change as the need arises. Date of last amendment: 01.09.03

Let me know at once if you have any problems I can help you with. It is better to solve them quickly if possible.

I realize this list is long, but all items have been found to be needed in the day to day business (messages) of the list. FloridaBirders are very polite, and we all appreciate each other in that respect, I hope, regardless of whether we agree or disagree.

[substitution] This statement of policy for this list is posted on webpage:

FLORIDABIRDS-L. (Barbara Passmore, webmaster)

Although this is a long message, it is necessary so that new subscribers can understand the posting protocols of FLORIDABIRDS-L. It is meant only to make it easier for both you and the more than 700 other subscribers.

I am sure you will remember these three simple words: BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS!


Enjoy Floridabirds-L ! You are very welcome on this list.

Barbara Passmore, Listowner, FLORIDABIRDS-L, bkpass@bellsouth.net

Keith MacVicar, Co-listowner, FLORIDABIRDS-L, km1dot2@aol.com

List Address: Floridabirds-L-request@lists.ufl.edu

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