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Snowy Owl

St. George Island, Florida

December, 1999

I have thought many birds have been the greatest I have ever seen. Not so. Only one, and it is the SNOWY OWL. Many would agree with me who have seen the young male at St. George Island just off the Gulf coast of Florida. I was able to get only one photo through the telescope, and it was not the one I wished for, but a different one from others I had seen. Just recently, however, Brenda Scott of Tallahassee sent me a couple of pictures she and her husband got. Their photos and mine were taken at different times but were of the owl on the same dune, so I have asked for their permission to show theirs along with mine. So it is that I have added Brenda's name and that of her partner in birding and life, Bob Scott, to their pictures.

The bird was brilliantly white, but it does not show in these pictures, perhaps because they were all taken through a telescope and mine, at least, into the afternoon sun. It does show how easily the bird can be camouflaged, however. It was a gorgeous bird and a wonderful sight to all who saw it.

Thanks, Brenda and Bob.






Published January 20, 2000

All rights reserved by Barbara Passmore

and Bob and Brenda Scott, respectively