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Common Loon found on 23 November 2002 by Carole Troup in the front yard of a house around the corner from her home in Cape Coral, FL. Carole is a new birder and did not recognize the bird. Indeed, when she first saw it, she thought it was a large cat lying on the grass, which I daresay others would have thought as well. Carole is just taking up bird photography and this is the second set of photos she has sent, the first being of the Florida subspecies of the Red-shouldered Hawk. Below are the two photos she has sent of this Common Loon. What a great yard bird! The bird was about 80 feet from a salt water canal that runs by Carole's house and she is checking to see if she can find what happened to it. Hopefully, it found its way back to the canal. It seems healthy in the photos. ęCarol Troup

To balance off the loons on land, Doug sent these nice photos of Common Loons in water at Fort Clinch, Fernandina Beach, FL, on November 17, 2002. ęDoug Wassmer